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TREZ - The Hidden Trez-ure of Nashville!
You are more likely to hear the song of this siren before you see her. You'll have arrived at some special event, or maybe a club, and you'll ask the host, " What CD collection is this music from? Roberta Flack? No - wait! Toni Braxton. C.C. Penniston? Sade! When did Sade ever record this song?" You turn to towrds the bandstand and see a beautiful woman standing calm and proud. A person completely in her element and in control. She shares reciprocating appreciation with the croud. You are about to meet Trez!
Look Out Nashville!
And we're not just talking about her driving! Trez is proving to be a driving force on the Nashville music scene. Trez has been performing with cover tune bands since she was a little girl growing up in Toledo, OH. She brings more than 20 years of live performance experience to the table via a multitude of venues she has played throughout the East Coast and Mid-West. From Canada to Florida, Trez has been heard and admired because of the broad appeal she posesses that tantilizes audiences both young and old, alike.
Demos For Dollars
Although Trez hasn't won the Music Industry lottery by landing a much deserved contract signing, she has melted the hearts and enamoured many a songwriter and recording engineer. They have captured her soulful brilliance to have it heard by outstanding artists such as Lee Ann Womack, Faith Hill, and Donna Summer. She has met with the likes of David Pack, formerly of Ambrosia, and Michael McDonald, formerly of The Doobie Brothers. One of her career goals is to work on projects sponsored by these artists that she has admired, and who have inspired her desires.

Keep checking back! You'll be able to listen to Trez soon!